About us

   “EGE Logistics” having vast experience, carries out the transportation of goods and provides a wide range of services related to the use of railway transport through the territory of Turkmenistan, Central Asia, Caucasus and beyond.

   As an official agent of the Railway Administration of Turkmenistan, “EGE Logistics” will provide its customers with quality services, competitive rates and up-to-date information.

   The main goal of “EGE Logistics” is a quality service for cargo customers in the forwarding of transit, export, import rail transportation by rail, as well as other additional services related to these transportations.

Our solution

Rail communication is not only stability, but also cost-effective transportation.

We are open for cooperation and ready to fulfill all our obligations.

Our customers

We cooperate with successful state and private industrial and trade enterprises of Turkmenistan, as well as numerous foreign partners.

Regardless of the type, volume and quantity of cargo, price and quality guarantee strengthens our mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality freight forwarding and logistics services on a mutually beneficial basis, providing reasonable, competitive rates for rail transportation.

Maintaining a high level of partnership on a mutually beneficial basis for all participants in the business network built between our customers and stakeholders.

Our services

Quality customer service.

Provision of competitive tariff rates, both within the territory of Turkmenistan and abroad:

The most reliable solution for the transportation of transit, export, import cargo on the territory of Turkmenistan.

Calculation of the cost, freight forwarding and provision of services for export and import, as well as transportation of goods in transit not only through the territory of Turkmenistan, but also through the territories of other nearby countries.

Rental of private rolling stock.

“EGE Logistics” has the ability to provide oil tankers and dump cars for the transportation of goods.

Customs clearance;
Foreign transportation

Calculate the cost of transportation and provide services to clients in the shortest possible time for export, import and transit of goods in transit across Asia and Europe and other countries.

Correction of the route

Correction of the route in the event of force majeure and / or at the request of the client.

Cargo location report
Cargo escort




Goods information